Reaching Out!

A spiritual retreat based on the book, "Reaching Out: the Three Movements of the Spiritual Life" by Henri Nouwen

"Our first polarity deals with our relationship to ourselves.  It is the polarity between loneliness and solitude.  The second polarity forms the basis of our relationship to others.  This is the polarity between hostility and hospitality.  The third, final and most important polarity structures our relationship to God.  This is the polarity between illusion and prayer.

During our life we become more aware not only of our crying loneliness but also of our real desire for solitude of the heart; we come to the painful realization not only of our cruel hostilities but also of our hope to receive our fellow humans with unconditional hospitality; and underneath all of this we discover not only the endless illusions which make us act as if we are masters of our fate but also the precarious gift of prayer hidden in the depth of our innermost self.  Thus, the spiritual life is that constant movement between the pole of loneliness and solitude, hostility and hospitality, illusion and prayer." 

Henri J.M. Nouwen, "Reaching Out", page XIX.

welcome to our spiritual retreat, 2020

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This is for you!  

This is a summer retreat, designed to invite you into deeper thinking about the movements of the spiritual life.

Feel free to engage as deeply as you wish in any activity.  But, it's also OK to meander through the study at whatever pace feels right for you. Click HERE to discover more about the retreat format.

Listen, pray, experience and share as God leads you.